How we create value across the project life cycle

1 Understand the requirement

1 Employees in an office

Understand the requirement

Local Business

>68,500 quotes per year

Customers approach us through sales channels or existing relationships; our sales people also offer solutions before problems arise. We meet the customer, discuss their needs and conduct a site survey.

Power Projects

c.250 quotes per year

In most cases a tender is produced, whilst in other cases we present solutions to the customer to show how we can solve their power issues. Both involve meeting the customer and understanding their needs.

2 Design and plan

2 Construction engineers looking over a blueprint

Design and plan

Local Business

580people dedicated sales force

Typically, we meet the production manager on-site to get a better indication of what is needed. Then we draw up a design, taking account of any environmental or regulatory requirements.

Power Projects

30people dedicated sales force

Following a site survey and additional exploratory work, we draw up a plan to meet the customer requirements, including all the logistics and site civil works. This can vary considerably in complexity, from a simple, small diesel contract, to a large gas contract which might include building a gas pipeline and transmission.

3 Proposal

3 Hand holding a pen at a meeting


Local Business

27,400 pieces of equipment

Based on the plan, a quote is drawn up with guidance from the internal pricing model. A proposal is then made to the customer and once agreed, a contract is signed.

Power Projects

4,881MW available

Based on the contract specification a quote is drawn up. This is either presented directly to the customer, or in the case of a tender, the bid is often opened publicly in front of the local press. Negotiations will typically then take place before a final price is agreed and a contract signed.

4 Mobilise, Install and Commission

4 Aggreko technician at work

Mobilise, Install and Commission

Local Business

hours – days installation time

Once the contract is signed, we begin mobilising the equipment. We install it on-site, test it and commission the contract. In most cases the customer is responsible for providing the fuel.

Power Projects

weeks – months installation time

Equipment is shipped from the nearest hub or another project which has recently demobilised and usually travels by sea, rail and road to the site. Installing a project typically takes a number of weeks and once this is complete the site is commissioned and operational. In most instances, the customer is responsible for providing the fuel.

5 Operate

5 Aggreko container yard


Local Business

50days average contract duration

After an explanation on operating procedures, customers operate the equipment themselves and call us if there are any issues.

Power Projects

1year average contract duration

We sell power. We own and operate our facilities which are run by Aggreko employees. These tend to be a combination of locally trained teams and Aggreko personnel with previous Power Projects experience.

6 Service and maintain

6 Aggreko engineers at work

Service and maintain

Local Business

>1,500 dedicated engineers

Our service engineers will visit the site as necessary. Our remote monitoring equipment can alert customers and engineers to potential problems before they occur. For some short contracts, servicing may not be needed.

Power Projects

>1,100 dedicated engineers

The equipment needs regular servicing and maintaining, the frequency of which depends on how hard it is running. Our technicians are permanently on-site and will service and maintain equipment as required.

7 Demobilise

7 Aggreko workers with containers


Local Business

76,500 sets off-hired in 2014

The customer retains the right to determine whether or not to off-hire the equipment or extend the contract. When they choose to off-hire, we remove our equipment and demobilise.

Power Projects

1,219MW off-hired and demobilised in 2014

At the end of the initial contract term, customers have the option to off-hire or extend the contract. Typically around a third of contracts on hire at the beginning of the year will off-hire during the year. When a customer decides to off-hire, we remove our equipment and leave the site exactly as we found it.

8 Service and Refurbish

8 Aggreko warehouse interior

Service and refurbish

Local Business

3days average time to turnaround a diesel generator

Equipment coming off-hire is returned to our service centres, where it is serviced and made available to go back out on-hire.

Power Projects

290MW of refurbishments in 2014

Equipment that is demobilised is returned to one of the hubs, where it is serviced or refurbished.

Our 1MW diesel generators that have reached the end of their useful life are refurbished which can include an upgrade to our more fuel efficient/higher electrical output engine at around 70% of the original cost and giving another eight years of useful life.